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About this scheme

This Scheme consists of 12 self contained apartments, each comprising separate living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms. The ground floor has a larger unit with wet room and also a rear staff pod with welfare and sleep facilities.

Transforming Hazelmont House

A look back at Hazelmont House 

From the very beginning we envisioned Hazelmont House as a supported living home, with a modern look and feel – a home that would provide safety, security and comfort to all who reside inside. However, when we purchased Hazelmont House it was a commercial office property – a large building with space for multiple ‘whole life’ homes, but in its current existence not suitable for domestic use. 

Working alongside our stakeholders, we devised a plan to convert the property, modernising it accordingly. The property was in a great location, which we knew could enhance its offering, it just needed to be rethought in order to realise its potential.  

Hazelmont House transformed 

In 2016, we were given planning approval to begin the transformation process on Hazelmont House. The building was stripped back and many of the existing fixtures and fittings were removed. 

We then began the process of converting the space into a collection of 12 self-contained apartments, all to be fast-tracked and completed by the September of the same year.  

To the ground floor, a larger unit which incorporated a wet room was installed. Meanwhile, to the rear a staff pod, complete with welfare and sleeping quarters, was added.  

To maintain the unique heritage of the building, we conducted an external refurbishment. This ensured the exterior of the building could match the transformation that was taking place inside.   

Key Features

– 12 self contained apartments

– Wet rooms

– Staff pod w/ sleep facilities

– Off road parking

Making a home at Hazelmont House

With work complete on the project, Hazelmont House now incorporates space for 12 residents, with each person having access to their own living area, bedroom and bathroom via a self-contained apartment. The property is ideally placed, adjacent to large recreational areas, with good off-road parking and a fantastic view.