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The Furniture Donation Initiative

What began as a lunchtime conversation between Fairhome colleagues has blossomed into an exciting new initiative.

The Furniture Donation Initiative is a scheme whereby we recycle good quality furniture from some of our refurbished properties. We work with The British Heart Foundation to find a new home for unwanted items, ensuring quality goods do not go to landfill.

The idea for the Initiative came through a discussion between Fairhome colleagues. During an exchange over lunch, Marketing Consultant Alan Marsland explained the existing process for removing unwanted furniture from Fairhome properties, and his colleagues came up with an alternative.

Alan said:

“When undertaking a refurbishment, we were often faced with the problem of what to do with all unwanted furniture. The furniture was usually of a good standard, but when a property was redeveloped to meet the specific needs of new residents, it was no longer suitable.

“Historically, most of this furniture was sent to landfill – a practise we wanted to change – so, when I explained this process to my colleagues, they came up with a new solution. The suggestion was to donate the furniture to charity and from there an idea was born.”

Following the conversation, Alan got in touch with the British Heart Foundation – a charity which funds research into the causes of heart and circulatory diseases, including heart disease, strokes, vascular dementia and diabetes. The British Heart Foundation have a collection of shops throughout the UK, selling a range of items including furniture.

An initial discussion with the Retail Partnership Division of the British Heart Foundation, put Alan in touch with North West Regional Manager. This in turn led to a very productive meeting between the two and the formation of The Furniture Donation Initiative.

Since implementing this initiative, we have donated furniture to branches in Sunderland, Barnsley, Bury, Huddersfield & Halifax. We have also contacted local British Heart Foundation stores close to our developments in Sunderland, Bury, Huddersfield and Barnsley, with plans to donate furniture from our homes Azalea Terrace, Waterloo Mills and St. Mary’s Apartments.

As we strengthen our new relationship with the British Heart Foundation, we plan to make further donations from future homes. We see The Furniture Donation Initiative as an important step forward and one that ensures no good quality furniture goes to waste.

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