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Refurbishing Denison House

We have recently completed work on Denison House – a residential dementia care home in North Yorkshire, providing care for 30 residents. When we initially became involved with Denison House, this large detached property already provided a home to vulnerable people, but it required an upgrade to ensure the best level of care and support possible.

Our aim for Denison House was to improve the existing building and associated areas, to ensure all residents could benefit from the proposed refurbishment. All improvements would take into consideration the specific requirements of individuals living with dementia, with new alterations to create a more comfortable environment.

Images: Denison House prior to the refurbishment.

Making improvements at Denison House

With Denison House providing specialist dementia care, a new colour scheme was incorporated throughout the building, to help residents better identify rooms and key areas of their home. Bedrooms were redecorated in three different colours, while bedroom doors were repainted in bright colours – chosen from a recognised dementia palette.

In keeping with the new dementia-friendly colour scheme, the entrance hall and dining room were redecorated. Neutral coloured carpets were also fitted throughout.

Images: The new dementia-friendly colour scheme at Denison House.

Exterior areas of Denison House benefited from the refurbishment with existing flood lights removed and replaced with new LED lights. A new patio door was also created by reconfiguring an existing wall/window space.

With the new door in place, the existing patio was removed and replaced. The patio now includes a ramp, with a key clamp handrail to meet DDA regulations, as well as visibility paving – coloured paving stones to aid visually impaired residents.

The external courtyard was also made safer and more accessible, with uneven surfaces replaced by new paving. Fencing was improved, lockable gates were added, and a new storage shed was installed.

Images: Denison House following the refurbishment.

Additional work on Denison House included the installation of new kitchen units and the creation of a new manager’s office. Two lounge areas were fully redecorated, and a new air conditioning system was installed, along with new boilers and associated pipework.

With the refurbishment now complete, Denison House continues to provide care and support to vulnerable people but with a new approach. The alterations that were undertaken have made a significant difference and this was a scheme we were proud to be a part of.

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