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Fairhome Group PLC benefits from a strong Board of Directors. We believe that together, as experts in our own fields, we have an unrivalled set of skills and expertise to drive and implement our vision for the company.

Meet the Board

John Russell
Group Executive Chairman

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Ian Burgess
Group Managing Director

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Paul Green
Group Finance Director

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Meet the Managing Directors

Neil Kimmance
Managing Director
Fairhome Property Investments

John Coulson
Managing Director
Fairhome Property Developments

Rob Tucker
Managing Director
Fairhome Construction

Ian Excell
Managing Director
Fairhome Asset Management

Jim mellor
Chief Financial Officer
Fairhome Group

Meet the Senior Management Team

Paula Thomas
Head of Marketing and Communications
Fairhome Group

Matt Fleming
Head of IT
Fairhome Group

Carolyn Phillips
Head of Human Resources
Fairhome Group