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Transforming Westcliff Road

Westcliff Road is a two-storey, semi-detached house located in the South East of England. The building is of a traditional, cavity masonry construction and includes an annexe to the rear.

When we became aware of Westcliff Road the property was vacant, but it was clear to us that it was a space with plenty of room to develop. Working closely with our partners, we devised a plan to take the project forward, ensuring it would provide suitable ‘whole life’ homes for five people living on a shared basis.

Converting Westcliff Road

To move forward with Westcliff Road, the team undertook an extensive renovation to ensure it would be suitable for new residents. This including the installation of new doors and new lighting, repair works to the roof, and the installation of new floor finishes.

An existing ground floor kitchen was removed and replaced, complete with worktops, doors and drawers, and on the first floor the bathroom was replaced and refitted with new sanitaryware. New TV aerial points were fitted into living areas, a new fire alarm system was installed, and new handrails were added.

Additional works around the property included the removal of an existing timber shed, as well as the replacement of a timber boundary fence. A full decoration was undertaken throughout Westcliff Road.

Making a home at Westcliff Road

Westcliff Road has been transformed, from a 19th Century property into a 21st Century home. The building provides a home for five people, living on a shared basis, with two bedrooms on the first floor, two on the ground floor, and a bedroom with en-suite in the rear annex.

Undertaking a full refurbishment has given Westcliff Road an important makeover which makes a difference to peoples’ lives. This transformation is something we’re very proud of and now provides a comfortable supported living home for those who need it the most.

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