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In focus: St Thomas House

In its former existence, St Thomas House in the North West of England was an office block. The two-storey structure, with car parking to the rear, had once operated as a commercial building but was ready for renovation and reinvention.

Our aim was to re-purpose the space to provide homes for multiple occupants who were looking to live independent lives through supported living. We saw this project as a turnkey scheme and one we were very excited to see take shape.

St Thomas House transformed

Before we could begin work on transforming St Thomas House, we removed all trace of its former existence. The structure was ideal for modern living, but it required internal modifications to make it a home.

All office spaces were stripped out and partitions were installed to create new living spaces. Each apartment was designed to include a bedroom, en-suite bathroom, a lounge and kitchen, and a new internal drainage system was installed to accommodate the layout.

Full decoration works were undertaken, new boiler cupboards were fitted, and groundworks were undertaken to the rear elevation. To complete the transformation, a new cycle storage space was also created for the residents.

A home at St Thomas House

Following its transformation, St Thomas House has been converted into a comfortable living space with 13 one-bedroom apartments and communal areas. St Thomas House provides ‘whole life’ homes for people with mental health needs, with 1st Enable as the care provider.

The property is situated close to local amenities, including shops and fitness and leisure centres.

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