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In focus: St Julian’s Farm Road

Located in a conservation area in the South of England, St Julian’s Farm Road is three-storey residential property with character. Upon viewing the property, we understood that it required a considerable number of repairs to upgrade the building, yet at the same time we knew those alterations would be hugely beneficial.

In St Julian’s Farm Road, we envisioned a home for multiple residents living independently with support. The refurbishment would have its challenges, but we were excited to get started.

Refurbishing St Julian’s Farm Road

To ensure St Julian’s Farm Road could provide a home, the team needed to initiate an extensive series of works to bring the building up to the correct specifications and regulations. This included undertaking pipework, drainage, woodwork, electrics, plastering, repointing, flooring and roofing works.

Internal modifications were made to suit the needs of residents, partition walls were installed, a staircase was replaced, and new internal doors were fitted. All existing windows were removed and replaced, and a new uPVC door was attached to the outer archway to form a porch entrance.

The existing kitchen was replaced, and kitchenettes were installed in the bedrooms. New carpets, radiators and a fire detection system were fitted throughout the building, followed by a complete redecoration.

To complete the project, some soft landscaping was implemented, and timber fencing was installed, with a gate fitted to the side elevation. The patio was also relayed and secured, with new steps and patio doors added to provide safe access for residents.

A home at St Julian’s Farm Road

The work undertaken on St Julian’s Farm Road has transformed the building into a beautiful home for eight people living on a shared basis, with Pathway for Care as the care provider. St Julian’s Farm Road is situated close to local amenities, including a Tube station, and the property is just a short drive away from central London.

Refurbished and re-purposed, St Julian’s Farm Road is a home to be proud of.

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