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In focus: St Julian’s Farm Road

Located in a conservation area in the South of England, St Julian’s Farm Road is three-storey residential property with character. Upon viewing the property, we understood that it required a considerable number of repairs to upgrade the building, yet at the same time we knew those alterations would be hugely beneficial.

A look back at Hazelmont House

From the very beginning we envisioned Hazelmont House as a supported living home, with a modern look and feel – a home that would provide safety, security and comfort to all who reside inside. However, when we purchased Hazelmont House it was a commercial office property – a large building with space for multiple ‘whole life’ homes, but in its current existence not suitable for domestic use.

A look back at Newall Green Farm

Newall Green Farm in the North West is a development with a great deal of history. The site – a 400-year old Grade II listed farm building, with two large outbuildings – had suffered in recent years, due to neglect, vandalism and in 2014, a devastating arson attack.

A look back at Foresters

Built during the 1960s, Foresters comprises two large semi-detached villas, full of character and full of potential. That’s exactly what we believed when we became aware of this property in the South West, which had the makings of a fantastic scheme.

A look back at Prinsted

Prior to its refurbishment in 2017, Prinsted in the South East of England was a private residence. The building had interesting features and was a fantastic space, but due to a lack of investment the property needed some vital improvements and was not living up to its potential.

A look back at Hunters Rest

Prior to its transformation in 2017/2018, Hunters Rest was a public house in the East Midlands which had lay dormant for years. The building – which was in considerable need of attention – had huge potential, but in its existing state windows were boarded up, pints were no longer being pulled and it was clear the building was not servicing the community in the way it was originally intended.